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As you may have noticed CrossFit has many different moves that require appropriate technique and a lot of coordination. This is why we offer a series of foundation classes. This course walks you through the mechanics with nothing more than a 8′-9′ PVC Pipe, 15# barbell, 35# barbell, or 45# barbell. By the end of the course, your learning does not stop, however you will have gained the appropriate knowledge and laid down the correct movement patterns so to “graduate” to the general classes. By fully grasping what is laid out for you in this course, your CrossFit journey will continue to be filled with fun and learning.

Importance of CrossFit Steamboat Foundations:
1) Proper mechanics

2) Debug CrossFit myths

3) Define CrossFit

4) Guide you through the workouts

5) How the body is going to be trained so not to specialize

The Foundations Course is a 9 session introductory program with each session lasting 1 hour. These sessions are run over a three-week period with three sessions per week. Foundations start on the first Monday of every month. We understand that this may be a buzzkill, so to tide you over until the start of our next foundations session you are allowed to join our FIIT classes for FREE!!!!

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