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oly 02/09/2019

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CrossFit Steamboat – Olympic Lifting

Metcon (No Measure)


***High Hang Strict Muscle Snatch+ OHS+ Zotts Press ( 3+3+3) x 3. Pick a light weight and take small jumps from there through the 3 sets. The strict muscle snatches should be done with no leg drive. We’re working on a perfect bar path (bar close, elbows high and outside) and strengthening our muscles in that movement. The OHS needs to be slow and controlled and the zotts press controlled and strong overhead. Do not rush through this warm up!

***Barski Snatches (A fancy way of saying 3 snatches from high hang with no straps): 5×3. Warm up to about 55-60% and then begin counting your sets. Move up in weight each set IF your movement feels fast. Focus here is on leg drive!

***Slow Snatch Deadlifts: 5×3 @ 85% of best snatch. Take 5 seconds to stand and 5 seconds to descend.


***Muscle Clean + Tall Jerk (3+3) x 3 sets. LIGHT

*On the muscle cleans, go slow from the floor to establish good balance through your positions.

***3 POS Cleans (hang, below knee, floor): 3 working sets. Work up to a medium load and hit for all 3 sets.

***Behind the Neck Jerk + Jerk: (2+1) x 3 working sets. Don’t start counting sets until about 70-75%. Work up in weight through the 3 sets.

***Clean Deadlifts: 5×3. Build to a challenging set of 3