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Call Us: 970-439-3112
Penny Hamilton



Power with Penny

Penny has an extensive background in movement and understanding of the biomechanics of the body. Training at Bartuccios School of Dance for 2 years,  competing at a national level in horse riding and ski Instructing for 9 years guided her into the passion of training the body for a multitude of functions.  Penny believes fitness provides the foundation for everything a person wants in life. It is the pathway to a healthy and functional lifestyle.  All of Penny’s workouts are designed to meet individual’s needs. She addresses the power of posture, flexibility, injury prevention, cardiovascular and strength training through functional movements.

She stays active in learning the most recent research in the fitness industry.

“My favorite clients are those who are motivated, hardworking and understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I feel I can help you meet your fitness goals through personal training, partner training or small group workouts.”


TRX Certified, Strength and Cardiovascular Training, Functional Training, Spin Certification and Myo Fascia Release training.