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It’s time to talk about food

Yep, that’s right- the moment you have all been waiting for (for some of you, dreading). It’s time to talk about food because if you don’t already know, abs don’t happen at the gym, they happen in the kitchen.

This next part is key guys, we are sure we couldn’t count on both hands how many people have approached us wondering why even though they are working their asses off at the gym 4+ times a week they aren’t seeing all the results they had dreamed of; and most of the time there is one simple answer, nutrition.

Paleo is the crossfit food “prescription.” In a simpler language Paleo means meats and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. This means that we avoid dairy, legumes, grains, vegetable/industrial seed oils, processed/artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and preservatives/additives.

To take your wellness one step further, would mean to begin measuring and weighing those foods out to hit a specific amount of fat, carbs, and protein depending on your gender, general body type, and activity level.

The awesome thing is, that, you’re not alone. At the end of this month we will come together to learn, grow, and keep one another accountable in a Paleo/zone challenge. There are teams, points, rules, and that’s right, even prizes. If you decide to to prioritize a little time into meal planning, the rest is fun and delicious! Trust us!

There is an email that Coach Ronni sent out with all of the information for challenge and more detail for Paleo and zone. Take a look, make a decision, and hop on board. We will be right there with you through the whole thing. And can you imagine how you’ll come out on the other side?:) #crossfit #crossfitsteamboat #zone #paleo #nutrition #gymchallenge #community