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Private Training

Members & Non-Member Options

Members: If you are already a member of  Steamboat  Strength and Conditioning but just want to hone in on your skills, work on technique or if you just need a little one on one attention.


Non-Members: If group classes just aren’t your thing then personal training one on one could be the best fit for you. Whether you want to do Strength and Conditioning , or focus on mobility and stability, or perhaps more of unweighted functional exercise program we can work with you to design a program that works best for you!


RATES: vary, contact a coach below


Check out our staff bio’s to find a coach that fits your needs. Please contact them directly to arrange private instruction


Ronni Waneka: 970-819-0243

Sarah Coleman: 970-819-0637

Keagan Scronek: 716-307-8467

Marci Mattox: 970-846-8070