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Call Us: 970-439-3112

A program designed to help athletes who are struggling with chronic or acute pain.  The goal of the program is to bridge the gap from physical therapy and coach athletes out of pain while becoming stronger overall.  The concept of the program is to de-load the injured area and then slowly reload by rebuilding a solid foundation of movement so that athletes can get back to living an active life and feeling their best.

Following a movement and mobility assessment by coaches Ronni and Keagan, they will determine what the issues are that are leading to your pain. They will then give individualized programming that will work on both the problem areas and overall movement patterns that are the source of the discomfort. 

This programming can be done alone or in conjunction with classes and for best results is usually is 3-5 training sessions a week.  

If you have something that is holding you back from both everyday activities as well as growth in the gym, a few months of this program could make all the difference for you.


WODWORKS at WORK-Testimonials 

Pete Morelli
“Those who know me will agree that activity and challenge are the most important parts of my daily routine. After a back injury in February, I went through a 6wk period of struggling to ski, run, or even complete WODs before eventually more seriously re-injuring myself in March. At this point, I could barely sleep or walk without pain, and multiple  doctors confirmed that my lumbar L5 disc was irritating the sciatic nerve in my lower back. They thought I would be able to avoid surgery IF I could mobilize and strengthen my back and supporting core and hip muscles. Enter Ronni and Keagan, who partnered with a Physical Therapist to design a custom strengthening program and coached me with video review, instruction, and check-ins several times a week if not every day. Soon after, I started sleeping through the night without pain, and they raised the challenge level as my ability improved. This week, I’m thrilled to report that I was able to run, link multiple sets of dumbbell thrusters, and climb and ski a 3,000ft mountain! I can’t thank them enough for the part they’ve played to get me back in the game. I only wish I would’ve talked to these all-star coaches back in February at the first sign that my body wasn’t feeling its usual self.”
“Starting CrossFit was one of the best things I have ever done. After total shoulder replacement including fixing rotator cuff, ACL surgery on both knees, meniscus removal, and back surgery my body movement needed help!!
Initially Ronni and Keagan took videos of the way I did exercises, specifically the odd way my body has adapted. Over the course of the 6 week program they developed, my back pain has eased significantly, my shoulder does not get locked up like it used to, I am much stronger and my knee is much more stable.
I recommend this program to anyone hoping to be stronger, more stable and experience less pain
I was an avid skate skier and mountain biker but due to severe knee pain I could no longer continue these activities.  Even after having both of my knees scoped I had constant knee pain.  In an effort to avoid surgery and gain strength I joined Crossfit.  I definitely got stronger and looked better but my knees always hurt and I figured that was the norm.  Last year I considered quitting Crossfit because I could no longer participate in many of the daily exercises due to knee pain and a nagging shoulder injury.  Along came Ronni,  Keagan, and the WODWORKS program!! 
 Ronni developed a progressive shoulder and knee strengthening program to fit my workout schedule.  For the first time since I can remember, I can walk the dog and go about my normal life without any knee pain.  This has renewed my excitement about Crossfit and training in general. Ronni consistently checks in with me and has provided an array of alternatives for the daily Wods.  Keagan also provided me with a dynamic pushup program to help strengthen my upper body that has suffered from years of compensating for my shoulder.  I can actually do a pushup now (my goal is to complete 10 in a row) and I feel much stronger over all! 
Sarah Larson
One of the most important aspects of the WODWORKS program is the focus on proper knee alignment and shoulder position during exercises and in daily life.  This has improved my posture which, after seeing how a terrible posture has affected my dad in old age, is very important.  I have gained body awareness that will serve me long into the future and in every aspect of my life.  
 If you would like to address a new injury or an old nagging one I would highly recommend Ronni, Keagan, and WODWORKS – it has given me a new lease on life!!