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Call Us: 970-439-3112
Aurelia Corle



Coach, Trainer

My CrossFit journey began in 2016, I was freshly 21 and was the kind of person who wouldn’t commit to anything for a long period of time. I felt like couldn’t find my niche in the fitness world. My friend from work asked me to come try this class out at a place called Wodify in Cherry Hill, Nj and since that one class I was hooked on CrossFit. The thing about me is.. boring does not work for me, and this class was just the opposite. The sound of barbells hitting the floor and people cheering each other on hooked me in immediately. Ever since then I haven’t stopped.
I grew up in New Jersey where I attended at National Personal Training Institute where I received my personal training license. Then decided to take a huge leap and move to Steamboat Springs Colorado basically on a whim. Of course I had to find the CrossFit gym there. I stumbled upon CrossFit Steamboat and was amazed. I was amazed that basically all the coaches were women, and how inspiring and welcoming they were to me immediately no matter what my skill level was. I remember one of the first lifting days I did I was in a group with Coach Keagan and some other REALLY strong women and I thought to myself… “oh god I can’t go deadlift in front of them now”. But I did, and no matter how little weight was on the bar they were cheering me on to stand it up. I fell in love with this place ever since.
After about 4 years of being one of the athletes in class I decided I want the be the one who coached and guided the athletes, so I decided to get my Level 1, and my CF Kids certification. CrossFit Steamboat inspired me to learn, grow, and maybe be the person for someone to look up to. Although I am still learning so much every single day, I wouldn’t think for a second I wanted to be in a different gym besides CF steamboat learning from these amazing women. The support and love in this community means everything to me and has molded me into the person I am today.