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Call Us: 970-439-3112
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Steamboat Strength and Conditioning – SSCMetcon


Warm-up (No Measure)

EMOM x 9min:

Minute 1- :45sec Jumping Jacks, Skiers, Up/Downs

Minute 2- :45sec of Spiderman, Inchworm + Push Up, Sky Reach

Minute 3- 3 reps per side of: Single Arm KB Swing, Single Side KB Squat, Single Arm Push Press

Dumbbell General Warm Up 1x:

–5 Dumbbell Deadlifts

–5 Dumbbell Hang Clean

–5 Dumbbell Squats

–5 Dumbbell Push Press

Kettlebell Specific Warm Up 1x:

–6 Russian Kettlebell Swing

–6 Kettlebell Swing

Dumbbell Specific Warm Up 1x:

–3 Dumbbell Thrusters (pause at the top)

–3 Dumbbell Thrusters (no pause at the top)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every 1 min for 12 mins, alternating between:

10 Dumbbell Thrusters, 50/35 lbs

10 Kettlebell Swings, 70/53 lbs

You want to finish each movement in :40sec to give yourself some good time to transition. If your doing the open you may want to decrease the reps to reduce volume today.


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds for quality of:

12 Tempo Split Stance Deadlifts, pick load

12 Single Arm Dumbbell Static Hold Rows, pick load

Tempo Split Stance Deadlifts- 3 secs down and 3 secs up

Single Arm Dumbbell Static Hold Rows- one arm holds weight at chest while other arm rows