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Why We Created WODWORKS

  1. To help athletes get out of pain/limitation
  2. To help athletes fix the root cause of that pain/limitation
  3. To provide athletes the support and coaching necessary in continuing to maintain progress around their physical/athletic goals

Who is WODWORKS for?

We like to categorize our service into one of two athlete tiers, and then go from there-

Athlete A:  the chronic pain athlete who has been all over town to different pt’s, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc with minimal success and still struggling with frequent flare ups and limited movement in gym and life

Athlete B: the nagging injury athlete; ”it only hurts when I…” or “ my shoulder has been great for months and now it’s bothering me again,” or “deadlifts hurt my back- should I do just the bar or do strict press instead?” These are the athletes we see grabbing their back or hip or shoulder and when we ask if they are ok the response is usually ya, it’s no big deal.” (Sound familiar?)



What we find most often is that when these small, “no biggie,”  or nagging injuries aren’t addressed- it goes one of three ways:

  1. it’s ignored until it is no longer a “no biggie” type of injury and something much bigger- or
  2. this athlete becomes the “roller coaster” athlete and enter a cycle of → flare up→ time off → return to gym → flare up- or
  3. this athlete completely avoids movements and movement patterns that make them uncomfortable and over time completely plateau in their strength/skill growth and development (perhaps the scariest possibility of them all!)

Oftentimes repetitive manual work or initial rehab exercises is just the beginning! How are we going to address the root problem so this doesn’t happen again? How are we going to make you stronger over time despite your limitations?


How Does It WORK?

1) Reach out to us and tell us a bit about your story ( |

2) We will put you through a virtual movement/mobility assessment.

3) Together we will discuss what’s going on, what’s next, and how we can help you!

4) From there, you will receive programming 3-5 days a week for your specific issue as well as weekly check ins and virtual video coaching on movements and exercises.


*WODWORKS is a separate membership and cost from any SSC gym membership. Prices can be discussed upon initial consultation.