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SSCMetcon – Thu, Apr 4

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CrossFit Steamboat – SSCMetcon

Warm Up (No Measure)

bike/ski 1:00

lacrosse ball upper traps

lacrosse ball shoulder blades

:30 deadhang

10 ea shoulder series

plank to downdog

plank shoulder taps – static/dynamic

calf raises

shin raises

knee circles

little hops

big hops

step ups

bike/ski 1:00

lacrosse ball calves/shins/knees

:30 lat active

10 ea shoulder series

plank to pike walk

step up – jump down

jump up – step down

box jump overs

bike/ski 1:00

coach hspu


*tripod knee lift


*handstand to headstand

*handstand to headstand knees to chest

*kipping hspu

coach snatch


*down shrug

*down high pull

*down muscle

**all from the hang

tall drops

high hang power snatch

hang power snatch

*coach cycling

Metcon (Time)


Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Handstand Push Ups

Time cap: 12:00

You want to chose a weight for the snatch that you could cycle 10 reps unbroken when fresh. You want to finish the snatches unbroken or in 2 quick sets for the 21 and maybe even the 15. Then unbroken on the 9. Same for the handstand pushups