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SSCMetcon – Wed, Feb 21

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CrossFit Steamboat – SSCMetcon

Lifestyle Challenge Week 6


Warm Up (No Measure)

foam roll thoracic/lats/upper hamstrings

bike/ski 1:00

10 plank to downdog

10ea hamstring nerve floss

10 table top rotations

10 shoulder taps static + 10 shoulder taps dynamic

bike/ski 1:00

5 plank to pike walk

5 romanian deadlifts

5 strict press

5 good mornings

5 push press

with barbell:




coach push jerk:

jump and land

jump and land hands at shoulders

jump land and punch

push jerk

tall drop

high hang power clean + push jerk

power clean + jerk


Power Clean + Push Jerk

Every Minute (10:00)

5 Power Clean and Push Jerks (+15lbs total from Wk1)

– Use lightweight that can be cycled smoothly for 5 Touch and Go reps

Metcon (Time)

Partner –

5 Rounds for time and max calories:

10 Shuttle Runs

Max Effort Calorie Air Bike

4 Wall Walks

** Each shuttle run is 25 feet down + 25 feet back (50 feet total)

Time cap: 16 minutes

*partner one starts on 10 shuttle runs while partner 2 gets as many calories on the bike as possible then switch. Partners then do 4 wall walks – one person working at a time split as needed

Score is both time AND calories on the bike – so push on both