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SSCOlyClub – Mon, Jan 30

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Steamboat Strength and Conditioning – SSCOlyClub


A. ARE Squats- 1 round

1 round = 20 total reps w/5 second pause in bottom/rep

-5 air squats with elevated heel

-5 air squats level(usually Oly shoe but can be regular shoe or no shoe)

-5 air squats with elevated toes

-5 air squats level

B. Barbell Mobility Complex – 1 round

Barbell Mobility Complex

1 round = 5 reps each, pausing for 2 seconds at each end range position, of:

-Good Mornings

-Back Squats

-Back Rack Elbow Rotations

-Behind Neck Press and Stretch

-Narrow Grip Overhead Squats

-Clean Grip Romanian Deadlifts

-Front Squats

A (6 Rounds for weight)

Front Squat – 6 sets 1+1 @ by feel up to challenging but quality set

-anything more than the bar counts as a set

-rep 1 to be done with 10.10 tempo (10 seconds down + 10 second pause in bottom of squat)

-rep 2 of each set is regular (NO tempo; find/use the same bottom position established with the pause)

B (6 Rounds for weight)

B1. Overhead Mobility Drill- 6 sets 5+5 reps

-5+5 = 5 shoulder rotations + 5 behind neck press & stretch

-alternate between B1, B2, and B3

B2. Wall Dip – 6 sets 5

-ensure shoulders, butt, and heels are against the wall and maintain through the dip; FEEL what the whole body does to dip perfectly straight

B3. Push Press + Power Jerk- 6-8 sets 1+2 @ by feel

-anything more than bar counts as set

Extra Credit

C (6 Rounds for weight)

Power Clean from Above Knee + Clean from Above Knee – 6 sets 1+2 @ by feel up to no more than 65% regular clean

-hold above knee set up position 2 seconds on each rep before performing clean

D (No Measure)

D1. Body Cross- 1 set 15/arm

D2. Windshield Wiper – 1 set 15/arm