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Call Us: 970-819-0243
Keagan Scronek



Coach, Nutrition Specialist, Social Media

My journey with CrossFit has really just begun, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. CrossFit has been in my life since 2014, when I walked into our box with nothing but a few years of high school soccer under my belt. It took pretty much one class to realize I was going to spend the rest of my life learning about this sport as well as the amazing people who choose to be a part of it.

Movement clicked with me in much earlier stages than I expected and I’ve never felt more passionate as I do helping others learn all the different opportunities we have to use our bodies. My passion lies deeply with-in CrossFit’s methodology as a whole and how Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and strength training work together to create some of the most technically and mentally sound, talented athletes I have ever met.

I have spent the past several years self-educating, researching, and following my amazing mentors who have helped shape me into the coach I am today.  I believe I can connect with various types of athletes and understand exactly what they’re going through; whether something doesn’t feel right or when it feels really good.

CrossFit offers a culture unlike any other fitness program in the world, but even more than that, I believe CrossFit Steamboat is a very, very special place to be. I hope I can continue to help contribute to the endless love and fitness that the CrossFit community has to give. It just keeps getting better.


CrossFit L-2 coach, Driven Life Nutrition Certified, MHFA (Mental Health First Aid Training) Certified