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Steamboat Strength and Conditioning – SSCMetcon


Warm-up (No Measure)

Bike/Ski Erg 1x:

–3min @ an easy pace

*Add :10sec hard bursts throughout.

3 Rounds For Quality:

–10 Plate Squat + Press Away

–10 Plate Good Morning

–20 Glute Bridge

–:20sec Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

–:45sec Alt. Dead Bug

General Barbell Warm Up 1x:

–10 Romanian Deadlift

–10 Bent Over Barbell Row

–10 Front Rack Lunges (alternating)

–10 Good Morning

Push Up Teaching Progression 1x:

–:15sec Straight Arm Hollow Body Plank Hold

–4 Bottom-Up Push-Up

–4 Perfect Push Up

Front Squat Teaching Progression 1x:

–Establish Front Rack Position

–3 Squat to Quarter

–3 Squat to Parallel

–3 Front Squats


Front Squat (1×4)

Take 20 minutes to work on front squats.

You will first work up to a heavy set of 4 then back off on the weight and find a heavy set of 12


Warm-up (No Measure)

Every 1 min for 15 mins, alternating between:

8 Russian Kettlebell Swings, pick load

10 Perfect Push-ups, pick load

12 Weighted Sit-ups, pick load